About ISSR

The Institute for the Study of Strategic Regions (ISSR) was created in 2016 by the provision of the President of Charles University No. 11/2016 (https://www.cuni.cz/UK-7473.html). The aim of this platform is to stimulate research across Charles University of areas currently understood as of strategic importance, to overcome the still prevailing fragmentation of academic potential at CU, and to strengthen international collaboration.

ISSR´s activities are guaranteed by a committee composed of leading scholars from four Charles University faculties (Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences), from the Oriental Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences and from Oxford University. This platform serves as a communication channel across faculties and with international partners, it organizes seminars, workshops and conferences, and facilitates preparation of larger collaborative projects. ISSR also provides a unique space for innovative transdisciplinary Ph.D. projects needed for a new generation of young scholars prepared to meet the new challenges of 21st century. It also aims at communication with general public outside the university, facilitates communication with the media and other interested subjects, and in this way, publicize the activities and research results of the ISSR team to wider interested public.

More information about ISSR http://hrc.ff.cuni.cz/institut-pro-studium-strategickych-regionu-uk/